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Shell on Earth crushed whelk shells

Large bag £12.99
  • Great alternative to quarried grit/gravel
  • 100% natural
  • Sustainably sourced

Large bag of recycled crushed, washed and dried whelk shells. Ideal for garden borders, paths, driveways, rockeries or topping outdoor pots.

Alternatively, they can be used as a drainage layer to aid runoff, added to soil for aeration or used as a surface mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds and discourage pests. Over time, they will lighten to produce a beautifully bright finish.

This fabulous product is as sustainable as it gets. Produced by a small family whelk processing business in the heart of Cardigan Bay, the shells are a by-product that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Their whelks are caught locally using traditional pots so as to be as low impact as possible, with minimal damage to the sea floor and marine habitats.

100% of the shells generated are crushed, cleaned and dried to make Shell on Earth, dramatically reducing the factory’s waste output and helping to support a circular economy.

This bag contains approximately 12 litres of shells in fully recyclable packaging - enough for a generous coverage over approximately half a square metre.

Please be aware that this is a natural product from the sea, though every effort is made to remove foreign material.
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