SylvaBark pine bark mini mulch

2 × 50 litres £29.98
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  • Made with British pine bark chips
  • Sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests
  • Reduces weeds and drought stress

Sylvabark Pine Mini Mulch is a professional-grade highly screened pine bark (pH4.5 - 5.5). Ideal for mulching individual pots, containers and decorative borders.

Applied directly onto the soil around your plants, it helps to suppress weeds, keep moisture in the soil and insulate against ground frost, as well as giving planted areas a neat, ‘finished’ look.

If left undisturbed, the mulch should last for at least two years before needing a top up. Eventually, it will naturally break down to improve the soil’s structure and nutrient content.

How to use:

Ensure the pot, container or border is weed free, especially of perennial weeds like nettles. Moisten soil or compost and carefully spread SylvaBark around your plants using your hand, a garden fork or rake.

If bare patches appear over time, simply spread mulch over from the surrounding area. Any weeds can usually be removed by hand.

Contains 50 litres when packed. Store in a cool, dry place and always read instructions before use. Wear gloves when applying.
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