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Terracotta babylon hanging pot

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Recreate the look of the hanging gardens of Babylon with these unique pots. Use in place of hanging baskets or cluster them with a variety of colourful plants to brighten up an expanse of wall or fence.

Each pot is fired to 1080°C to make it as frost resistant as possible; however we'd always suggest moving empty or full pots into a sheltered spot in the colder months.

As they are individually thrown by hand, the pots will vary slightly in height and diameter from batch to batch, so please be aware the measurements below are approximate.

Please note: all ropes will eventually perish over time and need replacing, so please check periodically. See ‘Assembly and Care Instructions’ for guidance on replacing the rope.

Hang on a secure hook out of reach of children. Avoid filling to the brim with soil as this will add unnecessary weight. We suggest filling to around 2 inches from the top, which will also help the pot retain water. Supplied with drainage holes.

Any white specks in the terracotta are lime granules, which occur naturally in raw Turkish clay. Occasionally when a pot is fired, the clay around them can split out a little, but this does not compromise the strength of the pot in any way. The presence of lime helps to bind the clay and ultimately makes for a stronger pot.

Small - Ø19cm (rim Ø12cm) / weight 1kg
Medium - Ø20cm (rim Ø13cm) / weight 2kg
Large - Ø24cm (rim Ø14cm) / weight 3kg
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