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Terracotta standard pot

9cm £1.19
Frost-resistant terracotta pot with a classic tapered shape and wide rim. Made by Deroma in Italy from premium natural clay, these porous and breathable pots let air and water circulate for optimal root health.

Suitable for all plants and supplied with a drainage hole.

Ø9cm x H8.4cm (base Ø7cm)
Ø11.2cm x H10cm (base Ø9cm)
Ø13.1cm x H11.3cm (base Ø11cm)
Ø15.2cm x H13.3cm (base Ø13cm)
Ø17.1cm x H14.9cm (base Ø15cm)
Ø19.9cm x H17.6cm (base Ø17cm)
Ø21cm x H19cm (base Ø17cm)
Ø23cm x H20.3cm (base Ø19cm)
Ø25.1cm x H21.7cm (base Ø21cm)
Ø27.3cm x H24.4cm (base Ø23cm)
Ø29.4cm x H26cm (base Ø23cm)
Ø35.7cm x H30.1cm (base Ø29cm)
Ø43.2cm x H36cm (base Ø36cm)
Ø53cm x H47cm (base Ø46cm)