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Ultimate 24 cell self watering seed success kit

Easily raise seedlings with minimal fuss with this self-watering 24-cell propagator.

Featuring a water reservoir in the base and growing trays supported above on capillary matting, it allows seedlings to draw water naturally as and when required.

The reservoir contains enough water to supply seedlings for up to 10 days, while the clear plastic cover helps conserve both moisture and heat to maintain ideal growing conditions.

Perfectly sized to sit on a windowsill, the kit comes with 24 growing pellets which provide just the right amount of growing media for each cell when rehydrated in lukewarm water.

With the exception of the capillary matting and clear cover, the unit is made from recycled plastic. The growing tray can be reused year after year and can be easily sterilised in a dishwasher.

L38cm x W23cm x H16cm
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