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Vaso taupe classic pot

17cm £2.69
Simple, classic terracotta pot finished in mid grey. Frost-resistant down to -15°C. Supplied with a drainage hole for outdoor use.

Manufactured by Deroma in Italy from premium-quality breathable clay. Matching saucers also available (see link below).

Ø13cm x H11cm
Ø17cm x H15cm (requires Ø15cm saucer)
Ø19cm x H17.5cm (requires Ø17cm saucer)
Ø23cm x H20cm (requires Ø19cm saucer)
Ø27cm x H24.5cm (requires Ø21cm saucer)
Ø31cm x H27.5cm (requires Ø25cm saucer)
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