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  • Eventual height: 4m
  • Eventual spread: 4m

apple Tickled Pink ('Baya Marisa')

apple tickled pink

5 year guarantee Perfect for pollinators
mm106 bare root £34.99

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Ultimate size on M106 rootstock: 4 x 4m (12 x 12ft)
  • Flowering period: April and May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Pollination Group: this apple belongs to pollination group 3 (flowering late season)

    Suitable for both eating and cooking, this new apple variety was first introduced in Germany in 2005, and what sets it apart from most of the other apples is its distinctive reddish-pink flesh. This is mildly aromatic, has a crisp texture and a good balance of flavour. The apples are ready to harvest in September, and you can eat them straight off the tree, or use them to make red juice. They will also add a touch of colour to tarts and salads.

  • Garden care: Keep the base of the tree weed free, fertilise at the beginning of each year and water regularly during hot, dry spells. Remove damaged or crossing branches during the dormant season.

  • Pollination Information: This apple belongs to pollination group 3, so you will need to plant one other different variety of apple to guarantee cross pollination, and a subsequent bumper crop. Ideally this should come from the same pollination group, however it is possible to use one from group 2 or 4 as well.