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Award-winning old favourite daffodil collection - 100+50 Free bulbs

RHS AGM daffodil collection

RHS award of garden merit
2+1 FREE collections £83.97 £55.98
£83.97 £55.98
    In each collection there are 50 bulbs for just £27.99. If you buy two collections, we will give you an extra 50 bulbs FREE - that's a total of 150 bulbs for £55.98.

    • Position: full sun or partial shade
    • Soil: well-drained soil
    • Flowering period: December to May
    • Hardiness: fully hardy

      Much-loved cheerful flowers, perfect for cutting, daffodils can be planted in clumps or drifts throughout the border as well as naturalised into grass. Lower growing types are also excellent for pots or windowboxes.

      In each collection you will receive the following:

      10 × Narcissus 'Salome'
      The flowers of this large-cupped daffodil can grow up to 9cm across, so they put on an impressive display when they appear in early spring. One of the most intriguing features of this pretty daff however is the way the ruffled cup changes in colour from butter yellow to peachy pink as the flower matures. Bred in Ireland in 1958 by Lionel Richardson, it is still as popular today as it ever was. Grows to 45cm.

      10 × Narcissus 'Dutch Master'
      Very early flowering yellow trumpet daffodil. Suitable for gardens or indoor forcing, and ideal as a cut flower. Plant from September to the end of November. Grows to 40cm.

      10 × Narcissus 'Ice Follies'
      Opening in February and March, each large (up to 9.5cm across) flower is made up of a creamy white ruff surrounding a frilly edged yellow cup, which fades to cream as it ages. Grows to 40cm.

      10 × Narcissus 'Tahiti'
      A beautiful double-flowered form, which has large golden petal-like segments that nestle around the smaller, rich orange ruffled ones. The fact that each flowerhead can grow up to 10cm across, coupled with their distinctive two-tone effect, makes this a stand-out addition to the spring garden. Grows to 45cm.

      10 × Narcissus 'High Society'
      The large cup of this impressive daff has an apricot rim, but fades to a soft yellow towards its base. This is framed by a creamy white perianth (the outer petal-like segments of the flowerhead), and the soft blend of antique shades is nothing less than dreamy. The flowers are big too (up to 10cm across), so really make an impact, either in the garden or in the vase. Grows to 50cm.

    • Garden care: Plant 10-15cm (4-6in) deep from late summer to early autumn. After flowering feed with a balanced fertiliser, deadhead and allow the leaves to die back naturally before removing them.
    • Harmful if eaten/skin irritant
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