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  • Eventual height: 0.7m
  • Eventual spread: 0.45m

brussels sprout 'Maximus' F1

brussels sprout or Brassica oleracea (Gemmifera Group) 'Maximus'

RHS award of garden merit
approx 30 seeds £3.99
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil:rich, firm soil with added lime if necessary

    One of the most reliable and easy to grow of all the sprout varieties, producing big, handsome, sturdy plants which shrug off disease and winter weather to produce a heavy crop every time. The medium-sized, smooth buttons have an excellent flavour and are quick to develop, giving you an early harvest from September until Christmas. Sowing early, mid-season and late-season sprout varieties to give you a continuous harvest from autumn until spring.

  • Growing Instructions:Sow seeds sparingly under cover into pots or seed trays of well-drained seed compost in spring. Pot on seedlings individually as they grow and gradually accustom to cooler temperatures before planting outside in May, spacing plants 60cm apart and firming in well. Keep well-watered, protect from slugs and net against pigeons.

  • Sow: April-May

  • Harvest: September-November
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