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  • Eventual height: 1.2m
  • Eventual spread: 1.2m

courgette 'Zucchini'

zucchini or Cucurbita pepo 'Zucchini'

approx 15 seeds £2.49
  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile and moisture retentive

    An excellent all-round variety giving an exceptionally generous crop right through the season. A bush variety, so plants are large, robust and vigorous but stay compact without sprawling. The fruit are uniform and straight, with a rich dark green colouring and a fine flavour that's delicate and sweet enough to eat raw, straight off the plant.

  • Growing Instructions:Sow two seeds to a 10cm pot in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Pot on seedlings as they grow, keeping them well-watered and warm, then harden off and plant out in rich soil in a sunny, sheltered spot after all threat of frost has passed. Protect plants from slugs and water thoroughly in dry spells. Pick fruits regularly at around 10cm long to keep the plants productive.

  • Sow: April-May

  • Harvest: July-September
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