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  • Eventual height: 0.75m
  • Eventual spread: 0.5m

kale 'Nero di Toscana'

kale or Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group) 'Nero di Toscana'

approx 150 seeds £2.49
  • Position: full sun or light dappled shade
  • Soil: well-drained and rich.

    Large, stately plant with striking deeply-wrinkled, near-black leaves so handsome and architectural they can be used in the flower borders. Kale is one of the easiest brassicas to grow and will stand well into winter. Pick the leaves as young as possible for a tender, richly-flavoured addition to winter cooking.

  • Growing Instructions:Sow direct into drills in a well-prepared seed bed in spring and thin seedlings to 5cm apart as they grow. When they reach about 15cm tall, transplant to their final growing site leaving about 45cm between plants. Keep well-watered and protect from pigeons until established: Tuscan kale can be picked from early autumn onwards. Grow under mesh or fleece in early summer to protect from caterpillars.

  • Sow: April-July

  • Harvest: September-January

  • Approximate quantity: 150 seeds
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