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Brass tray with 8 grow pods

8 pods £39.99
This planting set includes 8 bottomless galvanised square pods and a brass tray with a brushed satin finish.

We love these for growing baby succulents or other small special plants in the front room or seedlings in the kitchen windowsill. It’s a great candidate for planting up and gifting too.

Planting up is easy - place the pods in the tray, pour a fine potting compost mixture over the top and smooth it over until the pods are full, patting down to firm. Top up so the soil level rests about 5mm from the top. They’re now ready for receiving your seeds, cuttings or baby plants.

The tray serves as a watertight reservoir so the tapered pods can soak up moisture evenly. In time the brass will tarnish and develop a striking patina, but it can be restored to its former glory with some elbow grease and the scouring pad provided.

A unique gift for the avid gardener with everything. Supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

Please note: as this product is handcrafted not machine-made, small imperfections and character marks may be present.

Tray - L32cm x W16.5cm x H8cm
Pods - W8cm x D8cm x H8cm

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are working closely with our partners to reduce plastics in our products and packaging. In some cases, we have not yet sourced alternatives that will protect our products sufficiently for transit. Please recycle any plastic packaging responsibly.
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