Circle plant support - rust

Ø41 × H81cm £8.99
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  • Perfect for tall perennials
  • Adapts to growing plants
  • Mellows to a vintage rust finish

This simple, sturdy grow-through ring support is ideal for leggy herbaceous perennials. Put in place early in the season, it’ll keep stems upright and help flowers hold their heads high. Push it deep down into soil when plants are young and you can gradually raise it up as the plant grows.

The bare steel will quickly oxidise to produce a rustic, aged finish that blends nicely into the border. Eventually the support will be completely hidden by the plant’s foliage, so makes a subtle unobtrusive choice.

You can expect an even layer of rust to form within a couple of weeks of being placed outside (a spray of vinegar will speed up the process). Take care when handling or brushing past, as the rust may leave a slight orange residue if touched.

Please note: the height given is the total height; the support will stand slightly shorter with feet sunk into the soil.

Ø41cm x H81cm