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Comfrey pellets

1 litre £19.99
A perfect choice for green gardeners, these 100% comfrey pellets are a natural feed and soil conditioner for use around the garden and vegetable plot.

Naturally rich in potash and trace elements, they are ideal for the needs of fruit, vegetables and flowers, accelerating growth and promoting long-term soil health.

The pellets can be raked into new borders, added to planting holes, scattered around established plants and incorporated into the compost heap for an extra nutrient boost.

Alternatively, steep them in water to make a concentrated liquid feed suitable for root or foliar feeding (1 litre makes 75 litres of feed).

Supplied in a resealable and biodegradable pouch. Store in a cool, dry place and always read the packet before use. NPK: 1.7:0.5:5.3.
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