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  • De Wit hand spade
  • De Wit hand spade
  • De Wit hand spade
  • De Wit hand spade
  • De Wit hand spade

De Wit hand spade

  • Perfect compromise between spade and trowel
  • Tough hand-forged carbon steel
  • Lifetime guarantee
This compact De Wit hand spade combines the digging power of a border spade with the lightweight manoeuvrability of a hand trowel.

Comfortable and easy on the wrists, it makes perennial planting a breeze. Use two-handed to effortlessly break up compacted ground with the forged sharp steel blade before planting.

The small head is the ideal size for lifting roots and bulbs, and makes it easy to work in tight spaces and corners.

As the handle will naturally shrink over time, a locking nut fixes the head in place - letting you simply re-tighten it to keep the tool solid and strong.

An indispensable tool for all serious gardeners.

Head 11.4cm x 17cm (4.5” x 6.75”)
Total length 51cm (20”)

About De Wit tools

The Dutch are renowned for making the world’s finest garden tools, and De Wit is the most respected name of all. Founded in 1898, the family-owned toolmaker combines old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship with innovative design to create superior tools that last a lifetime.

Every tool is hand-forged in the Netherlands from tough boron steel - shaped, sharpened and burnished for durability, giving it the same blackened patina as traditional Edwardian tools. Each is fitted with an FSC-certified solid ash handle for ultimate strength and shock resistance, oiled to provide first-class protection against the elements.

All De Wit tools come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, making them a truly once in a lifetime purchase.

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