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DeWit bad ass trowel

  • Heavy and exceptionally strong
  • No joints - no weak points
  • Lifetime guarantee

This super heavyweight hand-forged trowel looks like something from the Iron Age, but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in strength.

Forged from a single piece of boron steel, bevelled for sharpness and tapered to a point, it packs an incredible punch in even the heaviest soil and can put up with any rough treatment you throw at it.

As it’s really a cross between a chisel and a trowel, you can even bash it with a mallet to break up rocks and clods or to give you extra oomph for loosening, weeding and planting in compacted or heavy clay soils.

When we used it, it quickly became one of our favourite DeWit tools. You won’t need it every day, but it’s excellent for tackling tougher jobs and a worthy addition to any professional gardener’s toolkit.

W9cm x D3cm x L31cm
Weight 1.05kg

About DeWit tools

The Dutch are renowned for making the world’s finest garden tools, and DeWit is the most respected name of all. Founded in 1898, the family-owned toolmaker combines old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship with innovative design to create superior tools that last a lifetime.

Every tool is hand-forged in the Netherlands from tough boron steel - shaped, sharpened and burnished for durability, giving it the same blackened patina as traditional Edwardian tools.

All DeWit tools come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, making them a truly once in a lifetime purchase.
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