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  • Empathy after plant rose food

Empathy after plant rose food

RHS endorsed product
1 kg pack £6.99
1 kg pack £6.99
  • Biologically active - increases nutrient and water uptake throughout life
  • Naturally enriches soil biology
  • Includes magnesium and essential trace elements

Contains Rootgrow™, the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Kick-start soil fertility during establishment of your roses and increase nutrient uptake throughout their life to promote vibrant, healthy blooms.

Empathy After Plant Rose is an organic plant food enriched with Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. It provides all the nutrients hungry plants need, and boosts soil biology to create better growing conditions in the long term.

Specially formulated for roses, the food contains nitrogen fixing bacteria that increase nitrogen flow into the plant and synthesise hormones to stimulate healthy growth.

The addition of Rootgrow helps extend the rose’s root system, promoting better uptake of nutrients and water for the length of the rose's life. Sprinkle liberally for prize-winning roses.

How does Rootgrow work?

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi bond to a plant’s roots, effectively becoming part of its root system. They grow rapidly in search of water and nutrients, and as they're finer than the plant's coarse roots, they're better at reaching them - helping plants thrive in even difficult soils.

In poor sandy soil, they track down scarce nutrients and water, and in dense clay soil they unlock nutrients, acting like a clay breaker. They're great at hunting down phosphorus and potassium for flowering and fruiting, but also thrive on finding trace elements. And they hold onto water like a sponge, giving your plants far better drought tolerance.

How to use

Sprinkle 25-50g (1 to 2 handfuls) around each rose plant, work gently into the top soil and water well.

Each 1kg pack will treat up to 40 roses with one application.

Please note: if planting, we'd advise using pure Rootgrow, placed in direct contact with your plant's roots, and only applying After Plant as a follow-on treatment.

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