Empathy biofertiliser for roses

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  • Stimulates vigorous healthy growth & disease resistance
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to enrich & condition soil
  • Increases flower production

Empathy biofertiliser is a seaweed-based bioactive plant feed tailored to the needs of all roses.

A blend of naturally sourced nutrients and beneficial soil bacteria, it nourishes plants and enriches soil - especially useful while plants are establishing in their first year. Treated plants have more natural vigour, with better resistance to pests and disease and more abundant flowering.

How to use

Sprinkle 20-50g (about a handful) around the base of roses and gently work into the soil, watering well. Best used in spring at the first sign of new growth and again as a top dressing in autumn.

Suitable for use all around the garden, in the ground and in containers. For container-grown plants, apply 2-3 handfuls per plant twice a year.

Please note: if planting, we'd advise using pure Rootgrow, placed in direct contact with your plant's roots.

Pet & child friendly. Always read instructions before use. Contains 200g.