Empathy RHS after plant house plant food

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  • Helps build disease resistance
  • Stimulates healthy growth

Empathy After Plant House Plant Pump & Feed is a 100% organic ready to use biostimulant for all indoor plants, including succulents, cacti and indoor herbs.

A pure blend of seaweed extract and plant-derived amino acid biostimulant, it provides a nutrient boost and kickstarts beneficial soil microbes to improve vigour and disease resistance.

How to use:

No need to mix or measure, simply pump directly onto soil or into the saucer and water as usual after application. Avoid overwatering - do not allow your plant to sit in water.

Only feed when plants are actively growing. For plants such as succulents and cacti only feed every few weeks.

Supplied in recyclable packaging. Child and pet friendly when used as directed. Store in a cool, dry place and always read instructions before use. Contains 500ml.
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