Empathy RHS after plant tree & shrub bio-active plant food with rootgrow

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  • Increases intake of nutrients and water
  • Naturally conditions and enriches soil
  • Rich source of essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria

Contains Rootgrow™, the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

This organic first-year feed for newly planted trees and large shrubs will help them establish and encourage growth.

Containing alfalfa, a rich source of plant-available nitrogen, alongside nitrogen fixing bacteria, the formula is enriched with seaweed meal and Rootgrow to stimulate root growth and improve nutrient uptake. Beneficial microbes also help enrich the soil to improve growing conditions over time.

Periodical feeding with After Plant will keep foliage lush and green and promote growth and flowering.

How does Rootgrow work?

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi bond to a plant’s roots, effectively becoming part of its root system. They grow rapidly in search of water and nutrients, and as they're finer than the plant's coarse roots, they’re better at reaching them - helping plants thrive in even difficult soils.

In poor sandy soil, they track down scarce nutrients and water, and in dense clay soil they unlock nutrients, acting like a clay breaker. They're great at hunting down phosphorus and potassium for flowering and fruiting, but also thrive on finding trace elements. And they hold onto water like a sponge, giving your plants far better drought tolerance.

How to use

Sprinkle 20-50g (about a handful) around the base of established trees or shrubs and gently work into the soil, watering well. Best used in spring at the first sign of new growth and again mid-season.

Please note: if planting, we'd advise using pure Rootgrow, placed in direct contact with your plant's roots, and only applying After Plant as a follow-on treatment.