Niwaki Sentei secateurs

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Drop forged from KA-70 carbon steel, these Sentei secateurs are an excellent introduction to Japanese pruning tools - a great value, high-performance pair for gardeners looking to upgrade.

Hard and exceptionally sharp, Japanese steel blades are renowned for their keen edge, and this pair has plenty of bite. It’ll slice through stems up to 7mm thick as easy as cutting air.

The nice soft spring action gives them a lovely feel in your hand, and you can flip open the lock catch at the bottom with a flick of your little finger. A spare spring is included with the pair in case you get a little over-enthusiastic!

A perfect choice for light everyday garden pruning. If you anticipate having to cut tougher, thicker stems, our GR pro secateurs have a bit more clout.

Care for your pair

Look after your secateurs by only using them on plant matter - never wire, stone, plastic or other hard materials - and always cutting on the diagonal. Use the base of the blades rather than the tip for heavier cuts and never twist them or apply uneven pressure.

Clean and dry the blades after every use (water and washing up liquid is fine), apply a coat of camellia oil and store in a dry place. Sharpen every couple of weeks or as needed.

W5.2cm x D1.9cm x L20.6cm (5.5cm blades)
Weight 216g
Max cut capacity 7mm
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