Planting kit for approx 6 shrubs & perennials

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  • Standard £5.95
  • Helps new plants develop strong root systems
  • Improves resistance to pests, drought and disease
  • Boosts nutrient and water uptake for more vigorous growth

Get new shrubs and perennials off to a healthy start with this 2-piece planting kit. Suitable for approximately 6 plants, the kit includes RHS-endorsed Rootgrow to establish strong root systems and biofertiliser to nourish both plants and soil.

  • 1 x Empathy RHS Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi 60g
  • Sprinkled onto roots or into the planting hole, mycorrhizal fungi will attach to plants’ roots over the next 2-4 weeks, effectively acting as root extensions. Benefits include better pest and drought resistance, improved water and nutrient uptake, enhanced flowering and fruiting, and easier establishment in difficult soils. This 60g pack will treat 12 x 9cm plants; 6 x 2 litre plants; 4 x 3 litre plants; or 2 x 6 litre plants.
  • 1 x Empathy biofertiliser 200g
  • Bioactive seaweed-based feed with a blend of naturally sourced nutrients and soil probiotics. Formulated to nourish plants and enrich soil biology for healthy growth and disease resistance. Suitable for all shrubs and herbaceous plants in the ground or in containers. This 200g pack will treat 8 x 3 litre plants or 4 x 6 litre plants.