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Poppy flower stake

antique bronze £14.99
  • Vintage metal finish
  • Pliable mild steel
  • Adds year-round appeal

These elegant metal poppy stakes will provide year-round interest to the garden long after plants have died back for the winter. While decorative enough to stand alone, they make a real impact grouped together in beds, borders and pots.

Made from sheet steel with a warm antique metal finish, each flower has a well in the centre for bird seed or water. The heads are mounted on long slender stems that will sway gently in the breeze to create a sense of movement.

The stakes can also be used for marking the position of bulbs and dormant plants so you don't unearth them in your digging enthusiasm!

Each stake is finished with a coat of matt lacquer to guard against rust, and has a tapered stem for easy insertion into the soil.

Combine with stakes of other colours and heights to create a striking contrast and bring the garden to life. Simple screw-fit assembly required.

Please note: these individually handmade and finished stakes may include some sharp points or edges. Take care when unpacking and assembling them and position in a quiet spot off the beaten track. When pushing the stake into the ground, hold the lower part of the stem and push. Do not put all your weight on the flower head.

Measurements (approx):
W12cm x H83cm
Stake thickness 5mm