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Specialist ericaceous liquid feed

1 litre £6.99
  • Supplies advanced nutrition for optimal health
  • Builds disease resistance
  • Promotes longer-lasting more fragrant flowers

Westland Ericaceous High Performance Liquid Plant Food is a specially tailored feed for acid-loving plants.

Enriched with seaweed, it provides all the essential nutrients ericaceous plants need to flourish. Potassium promotes long-lasting blooms; magnesium encourages greener and glossier foliage; and iron is essential for photosynthesis.

Whether your ericaceous plants are in containers or in the ground, a weekly feed will help prevent disease and stimulate an abundance of stronger, healthier and more vibrant flowers.

Ideal for all acid lovers including rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and blueberries.

Dilute as directed and apply every 7-14 days from March to August. Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and animals. Always read instructions before application.
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