Terracotta strawberry planter

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Ø45 × H60cm £89.99 £80.99
£89.99 £80.99
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Generous and sturdy terracotta planter specifically designed for growing strawberries, but also useful for growing herbs.

Features six planting pockets to keep ripening fruit off the ground and improve circulation, reducing pest damage and disease.

The extra-wide neck also allows planting of an additional five plants up top, letting you enjoy a bumper harvest from a very modest growing space.

Although inspired by the terraces of Tuscany, the pots are thrown in Turkey by Argun and his son, 3rd and 4th generation potters from the Izmir region on the Aegean coast. Made using local clay, the pots will age to a wonderful patina as the salts slowly leach to the surface.

Each pot is fired to 1080°C to make it as frost resistant as possible; however we would always suggest moving empty or full pots into a sheltered spot in the colder months.

To keep your pot in tip-top condition please read our ‘Assembly and care instructions’ PDF for more detailed advice.

As they are individually thrown by hand, the pots will vary in shape and proportions from batch to batch, so please be aware the measurements below are approximate. Supplied with drainage holes.

Please note: any white specks in the terracotta are lime granules, which occur naturally in raw Turkish clay. Occasionally when a pot is fired, the clay around them can split out a little, but this does not compromise the strength of the pot in any way. The presence of lime helps to bind the clay and ultimately makes for a stronger pot.

Ø45cm x H60cm
Weight 17kg
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