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Zinc dolly pot

large - 30cm £54.99
Handmade rugged steel pot based on the iconic Dolly tubs used in Victorian wash houses.

Suitable for direct planting or as a pot cover, the corrugated sidewalls give the pot exceptional strength while the aged-effect finish, unique to each pot, makes it a real statement piece.

Each pot is zinc plated then clear powder coated before receiving a final patina finish.

The welded base acts as a reservoir to keep plants hydrated and healthy, while small gaps between the pleats ensure good drainage.

Please note: exact shape and finish may vary. In time the pot will develop some natural discolouration where the pleats meet the integrated saucer base. This is normal ageing and will not compromise the structural integrity.

Small - Ø43cm x H35cm (base Ø28cm)/ Weight 2.8kg
Large - Ø46cm x H40cm (base Ø30cm) / Weight 3.5kg
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