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RHS monthly jobs


Earth up potatoes in open ground and containers as the foliage reaches 23cm (9in) to prevent green tubers

summer-flowering bedding

Plant up containers with summer-flowering bedding, adding controlled-release fertiliser into the compost

lily beetle

Remove red lily beetle adults and larvae from lilies and fritillaries. As a last resort, Provado Ultimate Bug killer is available to control them

summer dryness

Do not get caught out by early summer dryness – recently planted trees and shrubs, including fruit, need regular watering for the first two growing seasons to establish well


Deadhead rhododendrons – pinch off each spent flower carefully, avoiding damage to developing buds just below


Sow carrots, radishes, beetroot, lettuce and spring onions successionally for continuous cropping

Kitchen garden

  • Net culinary cherries against birds
  • Harvest up to half the stems of established rhubarb over the season
  • Remove raspberry suckers encroaching onto paths or between rows

Ornamental Gardens

  • Prune overgrown camellias as they start putting on fresh growth. Cut to young sideshoots which will flower next year
  • Coppice or pollard juvenile foliage from eucalyptus for floral arrangements
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs such as Forsythia and Philadelphus


  • Put up shading to limit temperatures inside to 25-27 °c (77-81°F)
  • Detach baby rosettes from succulents such as Echeveria and pot into small containers of gritty compost

Pest and Disease Watch

  • Apply slug and snail controls to dahlias as they put on new growth
  • Use insect mesh to prevent damage to carrots by carrot fly