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Silhouette flying bird

straight wings £14.99
These are decorative but also have a function in the garden - marking out dormant plants or bulbs in your borders.

We have designed two styles of birds in flight - one with fully outstretched straight wings and one with angled wings. Used in pairs or as a flock, the two different styles work well together to create a sense of movement.

They are made from sheet steel finished with a textured matt powder coat and mounted on a powder-coated steel rod stake.

Please note: these individually handmade and finished stakes may include some sharp points or edges. Take care when unpacking and handling them and position in a quiet spot off the beaten track. When pushing the stake into hard ground, hold the stem and push. Do NOT put all your weight on the bird.

Angled wing - W36cm x H103cm
Straight wing - W36cm x H103cm
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