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Terracotta plant bowls

small £5.99
Our new well-proportioned terracotta bowls are perfectly shaped to pack with clusters of small plants. Fill them with scented culinary herbs or bright blooms to freshen up a garden wall or bring a burst of colour to an outdoor seating area.

Or for year-round interest in any spot, plant up a miniature rockery with some sempervivums and add a scattering of pebbles.

Supplied with a drainage hole for outdoor use, they’ll also work well indoors if placed on a tray or saucer. Perfect for keeping herbs within easy reach in the kitchen.

Every bowl is hand thrown in Turkey by Argun and his son, 3rd and 4th generation potters from the Izmir region on the Aegean coast. Made using local clay, they will age to a wonderful patina as the salts slowly leach to the surface.

Though fired to 1080 degrees C to make them as frost resistant as possible, we would always suggest moving empty or full bowls into a sheltered spot in the colder months.

To keep your pot in tip-top condition please read our ‘Assembly and care instructions’ PDF for more detailed advice.

Please be aware the bowls will vary slightly in height and diameter from batch to batch, so the measurements below are approximate. Each sold separately.

Small - Ø20cm x H12cm / weight 1.25kg
Medium - Ø25cm x H14cm / weight 2kg
Large - Ø34cm x H18cm / weight 4kg
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