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  • Eventual height: 0.5m
  • Eventual spread: 1m

Eriophorum angustifolium

common cotton grass

9cm pot £7.99

This pond plant is semi-evergreen, so it can lose some of its foliage in winter. In colder regions or more exposed gardens, it may lose it all, but then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil type: reliably moist acidic soils
  • Depth of water: 0-5cm (0-2in)
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Slender, grass-like leaves, each with a sharp-pointed tip, forms a spreading clump, which in summer is topped with fluffy-looking, pendent spikelets. An attractive, moisture-loving perennial, it will often retain most of its leaves throughout the winter, so has year-round appeal.

  • Garden care: While wearing protective gloves, gently 'comb' through the foliage with your fingers to remove the older foliage. Divide congested clumps in spring.
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